LARSSEN sheet piles (U sections)


Section modulus
Wy cm3/m
Moment of inertia
Iy cm4/m

  • Diverse range of sections for the most diverse applications
  • Good driving performance
  • Outstanding structural properties, good quality
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Optimum reuse options
  • Easy installation of anchor systems and hinged connections, even underwater.

1)The section modulus values may only be used in static calculations if at least every second interlock in the wall is crimped to absorb shear forces.
2)We assembly fabricated from LARSSEN 43 sections. Where quadruple pile assemblies are supplied, allowance must be made for the weight of the weld seams and reinforcements.
3)Rolling/delivery on request only.
4)With the use quadruple piles b=1416mm
5)The wall height of 750mm is a dimension without obligation, which mainly depends on the boundary conditions on site.

Lengths from 30m to 36m on request.
The basis for billing is the weight of the single pile (kg/m)