Jagged walls konstrukcija

HOESCH sections threaded in reverse may form arrangements for special applications. The jagged wall arrangement represents a very economical solution for sealing sreens (reduced height, reliable thickness, low driving resistance).
An arrangement of LARSSEN sheet piles forming a jagged wall offers:

     economic solutions where high inertia and section modulus are needed.
     The final choice of section has to include drivability criteria.
     The statical values given assume the solidarisation of the driving element, i.e. double pile.  

Section OMEGA is normally threaded and welded at the mill, either by tack weld (no contribution to the section modulus of the jagged wall) or by an appropriately designed weld (full contribution to the section modulus).
For walls with an anchorage or strut system, stiffeners have to be provided at the support levels.