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Sheet pile wall cappings

 Permanent sheet pile wall structures are finished off at the top with a steel capping or reinforced concrete capping beam.
 They are designed to suit constructional and operational criteria. However, structural considerations also play a role if the capping is required to transfer support reactions (capping beam). With adequate bending stiffness, a capping enables the top of the wall to be aligned, distributes operational loads and prevents uneven deflection of the top of the wall.

 Steel cappings generally meet such requirements and are distinguished by their ease of installation.
 The rolled or pressed "Union" capping with its distinctive "bulb" is commonly used. it provides a readily visible termination to the top of the sheet pile wall and prevents mooring ropes from being damaged by rubbing and scuffing. And with studs or serrations on the horizontal surfaces, this type capping ensures a good non-slip surface. The "Union" capping is normally fixed to the sheet pile wall by welding it to a wide steel flat or bolting it to an angle. If the capping also functions as a walling, it must be designed in accordance with EAU 2004.