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 Round steel tie rods represent the most economic way of anchoring a sheet pile wall. Normally, the forces are transferred  to anchor plates. When using concrete anchor plates, it is necessary to excavate as deep as the underside of the concrete element so that the plate can be installed. When using sheet pile plates or continuous anchor walls of sheet piles, it is only necessary to excavate to the deep of the anchor itself.
 Round steel tie rods are mostly installed horizontally or at very shallow angle, because otherwise a deep anchor wall would require extensive excavations in order to attach the anchor to the anchorage. The required length of the round steel tie rod depends on the analysis of the lower slip plane. The depth of the anchor plate is established by verifying the safety against failure of the soil in front of the anchor plate.

According to EAU, DIN EN 1993-5 section 6.2 should be used for design, but modified by using kt*=0.55 instead of kt*=0.60 (0.90), and the core cross-sectional area instead of stressed cross-sectional area ( which puts the calculation design value on the safe side).

Round steel tie rods to EAU 2004, R20 (based on DIN EN 1993-5)