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A unique feature of system is the drill steel use as the tension-and/or compression member.

Utilization of a drill steel as an anchor
From the static point of view, a tube is superior to a soild rod of the same cross sectional area with respect to bending moment, shear resistance and surface bond/fricition.

Creation of an economically priced one-time use drill rod and drill bit
This technique eliminates two labor intensive elements namely required for anchor installations They are: the insertion of the anchor itself and the removal of the drill rod and the casing.Consenquently smaller drill rings can be used, the  amount of grout is reduced and substantial labor savings are achieved.

Utilization of the drill steel as grouting conduit for filling the annulus from the bottom-up
This guarantees a positive complete filling of the annulus as well as all fissures and cracks.This method is much easier than using additional tubes for grouting, air vents and post-grouting.

The choice of a high quality structural  steel offers

high notch toughness > 39 J in comparison to high tensile rods or strands having > 15 J or glass fibre anchors. This steel is not affected by hydrogen embrittlement or by post rolling heat treatment. In addition, it offers high shear resistance.

The use of a ferritic-austenitic stainless steel TITAN-INOX  for permanent anchors
with a life span of 50 years and more
This material (no. 14462) is equivalent to "double corrosion" DIN 50929 part 3 - likeliness of corrosion in construction parts and underwater construction. Working with this TITAN-INOX material is much easier than with the standard permanent anchors which are surrounded by grout in corrugated plastic tube, especially as far as extension (coupling) and the preparation for the anchor head are concerned.

The threads on the TITAN anchors are formed much like the ribs on a reinforcing bar fabricated  according to DIN 488

the deep TITAN threads result in 2.4-times higher bond friction compared to standard drill steel coil-threads of R 32 (1-1/4") or R 38 (1-1/2")

Continuous threads guarantee the TITAN anchor can be cut or coupled anywhere along its length

Cutting, extending, pre-stressing and load releasing on the anchor are possible. A thread pitch of 6° eliminates the need for counter nuts at each coupling.

Consistent process engineering

  • TITAN 30/16 ; 30/14 ; 30/11  
  • TITAN 40/20 ; 40/16 
  • TITAN 52/26  
  • TITAN 73/56 ; 73/53 ; 73/45 ; 73;35  
  • TITAN 103/78 ; 103/51
  • TITAN 127/111
  • TITAN adaptors and flushing heads